Storm Water Management

Storm water is just what it sounds like: rainfall. In a natural landscape, storm water is absorbed into the ground. In an urban setting, this storm water falls onto impervious surfacessuch as roads, sidewalks, driveways, rooftops, or parking lots. It becomes “run-off” and must be managed by a storm water infrastructure. After much study, the City of St. Marys has determined that there is a better way to manage and fund storm water services.

What is a Storm Water Utility?

A storm water utility is a way to provide steady reserved funding for the maintenance, reconstruction, and new construction of St. Marys’ storm drains, pipes, culverts, and ditches. To stay efficient, storm water infrastructure needs to be maintained and updated the same as the City’s roads, water lines, and sanitary sewer lines. A strong storm water program will aid in protecting your property, enhancing values, and providing a safe and healthy environment for all people of St. Marys.

Why Do We Need It?

Increased frequency and severity of storms, ongoing property development, and aging infrastructure all contribute to the pressures on the existing systems. Creating a storm water management fund ensures that our infrastructure needs will be addressed with active short and long-range projects and planning. The storm water challenges facing all coastal communities requires us to plan ahead, act now, and work together.

Who Pays For it and How?

The utility will be managed separately from the general fund. It will be a dedicated revenue source to ensure sound and effective storm water management. This is a fair fee – not a tax. The storm water utility charges all properties a rate based upon the impervious area of that property. So the fee is tailored specifically to each of us and not just those paying property taxes.