Jim Gant

Council member Jim Gant is proud to have served in the United States Navy and is a retired Navy Civil Engineer Corps Commander.  He has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Civil Engineering.  Council member Gant is an ordained Elder in the Presbyterian Church.  He is a member of the Military Officer’s Association of America, the Navy League, St. Marys Kiwanis Club, Coalition for a Better Community and Chair of the St. Marys Intracoastal Gateway Committee.  He is the former chair of the Pilotage Commission and the Waterfront Park Committee. 

Council member Gant managed a large engineering office in Jacksonville, Florida for many years and managed a Community Redevelopment Program for Panama City Beach, Florida.  He still serves as needed on Dispute Resolution Boards for the Florida Department of Transportation.

Council member Gant arrived here with his family in 1982 to help plan, design and construct Kings Bay Naval Base.  They quickly fell in love with the historical uniqueness, beautiful views and friendly people of St. Marys, so they made it their home.  Council member Gant feels St. Marys has so much to offer with the wonderful weather, many attractions and services available.  Council member Gant’s favorite view in St. Marys is from the trellis swings at Howard Gilman Memorial Park.  His family never hesitates to tell their love affair story of St. Marys to visitors and newcomers so they too will fall under the St. Marys “spell”.