David Reilly

Council member Dave Reilly is a retired Navy Captain that is currently working as an independent consultant providing services to Dawson, Inc., VT Group Technical Services and SECURIGUARD.  Prior to becoming an independent consultant, Mr. Reilly was a Program Manager for VT Group, responsible for the oversignt and management of all Kings Bay Operating Services.  Councilmember Reilly also served as the Production Resource Manager at Pearl Harbor Navy Shipyard, responsible for traiing and assigning his 1700 person workforce to various submarine and surface ship availabilities as well as maintaining and repairing the industrial infrastructure of the shipyeard.  Mr. Reilly joined the shipyard after service as a professional Engineer and Program Manager for NOESIS, Inc. in Arlington, Virginia. 

Following his retirement from active duty service in the Navy, Mr. Reilly served as the General Manager of a professional staff of international engineers that provided technical, program and budget oversight to the Saudi Navy in Riyadh, KSA.  Captain Reilly retired from the Navy in 1998 after serving in a myriad of shipyard, repair activity, and submarine positions over 38 years of Naval Service that culminated in his assignment as Commanding Officer Strategic Weapons Facility, Atlantic.  He is a licensed Professional Mechanical Engineer.  Mr. Reilly has earned an MBA, MME and BSEE.  He is an active Navy Leaguer and currently serves as a National Vice President and interfaces with councils across the country.  He is also active in the Camden Kings Bay Council servicing on its Board of Directors as the Vice President for Legislative Affairs and educates congressionals as well as other community service organizations in Camden County on the importance of sea services.