Stormwater Task Force

Meeting Schedule
2nd & 4th Tuesday of Every Month
6pm; Main Street Office

Mission Statement
The Mission of the Stormwater Task Force is to: a) review resources regarding the City’s stormwater management program; b) receive input from the public, City staff, and consultant team regarding stormwater issues; c) discern if there is a need for additional resources to be dedicated to stormwater management, and d) provide recommendations on the City’s future stormwater needs and funding to City Council.

Vision Statement
The Vision of the Storm Water Task Force is to provide environmental protections, minimize the impacts to citizens and public and private property due to flooding caused by stormwater and to promote public health and safety through the implementation of storm water regulations, policies and engineering.

Program Goals & Objectives

  • Maintain the existing drainage infrastructure to maximize its useful lifespan.
    • Ensure the Stormwater Management Program provides the resources necessary to perform maintenance in a safe, efficient and effective manner.
  •  Educate the public about stormwater issues.
    • Inform the public about the difference between stormwater flooding that occurs due to intense rain events that occur routinely (and which the stormwater management program is intended to address) and coastal storm surge flooding that results from a hurricane.
    • Inform the public of Stormwater issues to existing system infrastructure.
    • Inform the public on policy and/or regulations and responsibilities of public and private (Home Owners Associations) property owners, and City Public Works Department.
    • Inform the public about how to prevent stormwater pollution, eliminate dumping in waterways, and treat stormwater runoff.
  • Invest in the City’s drainage infrastructure through implementation of capital drainage improvements.
    • Develop a plan to prioritize improvements based on current and future needs.
    • Assist the  City with locating funding sources