Other Citizen Boards

Camden County Board of Education
Sex Education Instructional Materials Review Committee

  Term Appointment  Term Expiration 
Arlene Norris  02/09/2004 08/22/2015 
Bri Ayres  09/15/2014  09/15/2016 
Karen Brooks Preble  03/17/2014  03/17/2016 

Camden County Health Board
1st Wednesday; Quarterly | 4:00 pm | County Annex

  Term Appointment  Term Expiration 
John Morrissey  01/06/2014  Term of Office 
William Sloan  12/31/2008  12/31/2016 

Camden County Joint Development Authority
3rd Friday of Every Other Month | 9:30 am | County Annex

  Term Appointment  Term Expiration 
Jeff Barker *  02/03/2014  06/30/2016 
Gary Willis  07/12/1999  06/30/2017 
* Appointed to fill unexpired term.

Coastal RDC Historic Preservation Advisory Council
Quarterly Meeting Set By Advisory Council

  Term Appointment  Term Expiration 
Kay Westberry  11/24/2008  07/28/2015 
Lupita McClenning  Historic Preservation Planner  

Southeast Georgia Consolidated Housing Authority
Every Other Month (Date/Time Set By Authority) |
Housing Authority Center - Bailey St. & W. Church St.

  Term Appointment  Term Expiration 
Shirley Overstreet  08/12/1998  08/19/2018 
Celenda Perry  07/28/2008  08/05/2018 
Mary Walker  Executive Director  

St. Marys Submarine Museum
3rd Thursday of the Month | 8:00 am | Submarine Museum