Intracoastal Gateway Steering Committee

Mission Statement
The Steering Committee’s mission is to identify, pursue and implement with City Council approval and open public participation, appropriate development and funding for the St. Marys Intracoastal Gateway.  The Committee’s vision is to create a citizen and visitor destination while guaranteeing public access, environmental enhancement, and economic development which is fully compatible with Historic Downtown St. Marys.

Committee Members

            Term Appointment            Term Expiration 
John J. Holman            City Employee  
Jeff Adams            City Employee  
Gary Straight            DDA Chair  
Kay Westberry            HPC Chair  
Bob Groote            03/20/2017             
Councilmember Robert L. Nutter            01/06/2014            End of Term 
Craig Root            09/27/2010             
Teddie Lockhart            09/27/2010             
James Gant (Chair)            09/27/2010             
Mary Neff *            10/11/2010             
James Coughlin           JDA Director
Alyce Thornhill           Ex-Officio Member
* By-laws amended to extend terms from 3-year to 6-year terms.