Downtown Development Authority

Mission Statement
Provide support for existing businesses and build public private investment partnerships that foster economic, cultural and social growth in the City of St. Marys.

Vision Statement
The St. Marys Main Street vision is to be a leader in downtown economic development by facilitating an environment that encourages business growth and promoting St. Marys as an exciting place to live, shop and invest.

Authority Members

            Term Appointment            Term Expiration 
Gary Straight (Chair) *            03/28/2005            03/28/2019 
William Shaffer             01/02/2018            03/28/2019 
Julie Streit             04/04/2016            03/28/2020 
Deb Cottle *             12/14/2015           03/28/2020 
Stephanie Allwine            04/03/2017           03/28/2021 
Terry Landreth            01/18/2011            03/28/2021 
Councilmember David Reilly            01/06/2014            End of Term 
* Appointed to fill an unexpired term.