Special Response Team

The St. Marys Police Department Special Response Team (SRT) is comprised of eight volunteer full-time sworn officers from the department who participate and complete testing to become a member of the team. Each member is trained to utilize specialized equipment and weapons to further their capabilities beyond our patrol officers. These specialties include responses to anything normal patrol functions are not tasked or capable of with dealing with or maintaining for long periods of time. Some of these unique duties our SRT has been mobilized for include storm evacuations, tropical/hurricane storm responses, lost or missing persons, high risk warrant services, and dealing with armed barricaded suspects. The team also has a wide variety of equipment available for their use that includes an armored Dragoon which was provided by the Department of Navy following its service to the nation.

In addition to their normal Police Department training, our SRT is involved in specialized training to maintain their expertise in weapon handling and firing and special tactics designed to maximize their safety and the safety of the public while enhancing their ability to work seamlessly as a team. While not engaged in SRT operations, our members patrol the city alongside other officers. You may even get an opportunity to see their equipment and interact with these dedicated professionals up close at a special event or festival. Don’t let their smiles and easy demeanor fool you, these officers are highly trained and highly motivated to serve our city and its citizens with honor, integrity, courage, and commitment.