Police Department

SMPD BadgeThe historic City of St Marys, GA is located in southeast Georgia.  A coastal town, St Marys is situated in Camden County along the St Marys River.  The St Marys Police Department serves a population of approximately 21,000 citizens. The city limits encompass about 14 square miles.  As a full-service agency, the Police Department is made up of 30 sworn personnel and additional civilian personnel.

The organization of the Police Department is highly streamlined. Overall command authority rests with the Chief of Police who is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Department through the Captain and Lieutenants. The Captain acts as the second-in-command of the department. The Lieutenants serve as Division Commanders. The major divisions of the department include Patrol, Criminal Investigations and Administration with each division being commanded by a Lieutenant.

A study conducted in St. Marys revealed that the, “City enjoys a relatively low crime rate and the Department does a commendable job managing crime in the community.” While this conclusion confirmed what we already knew, we aren’t about to let our guard down in providing our citizens and property owners the high level of service they have come to expect from our officers.

The Department provides the community with a full range of police services, including responding to emergencies and calls for service, performing directed activities, and solving problems. We are a service-oriented department providing a high level of service to the community. While you may see our officers investigating an accident, making traffic stops, responding to a domestic dispute or investigating other types of crime, you’ll see our officers at the crosswalks of our elementary schools ensuring our kids can safely cross the street and helping the stranded or broken down motorist. On the other hand, we don’t wait until a crime is committed to react. We believe in proactive policing. That means we patrol in order to minimize the opportunities for crime to occur. Each year, we respond to over 10,000 calls for service from the public through our 911 call center. In addition to those calls, our officers initiate over 17,000 service actions independent of public need. We enjoy partnering with our schools, local businesses, civic clubs, faith-based community, and other units of our community.  You’ll see us everywhere!

We are a small town and our citizens matter. If you call us, we will respond. Our officers don’t just work in St. Marys, many live in St. Marys and call it home.