Budget Information

The City of St. Marys' fiscal year begins July 1st and ends June 30th of each year.  The Finance Department begins the budget process several months in advance of the budget adoption date.  Working papers are prepared in February for all the city's departments.  These documents provide information to the Department Director so that he/she can properly forecast expenditures through the end of the year, and helps them to calculate the needs for their department for the upcoming year. 

The City Manager and the Finance Director meets with each Department Director to review the department’s requests for the upcoming year.  Once the final documents are reviewed, the complete budget is presented to the Mayor and City Council.

The Mayor and Council holds budget workshops to review the budget requests.  The public is invited to attend these workshops.    The final budget is approved and adopted by Council before June 30th.  

Current and prior year budget documents can be found in the Document Center on the left side of the page.