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St. Marys 2018-2027 Short Term Work Program


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Zoning Fees
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Flood Plain Information

St. Marys Flood Ordinance
St. Marys Floodplain Information


Sign Permits

Property Owner's Authorization Letter (mandatory if you don't own the property)
St. Marys Sign Ordinance

Historic District Sign Ordinance Revision - July 6, 2015
Sign Permit Application
City Council Temporary Signs Resolution (for Median Signs on Osborne St.)

Various Applications

Annexation Application
Design Review Application
Permit for Laying Hens
Subdivision Application
Variance Application

Zoning Options

Variance Request
Special Use Permit

City of St. Mary's rezoning application is based upon square footage of the property and the zone classification. The noted $225/$175 is for rezoning to commercial from 0-19,999 square feet.

Occupational Tax Licenses (Business License)

$75 administrative fee.
1-50 employees - $33 per employee*
51-100 employees - $1,650 base fee + $10* per employee after the 50th one.
101-250 employees - $2,150 base fee + $5* per employee after the 100th one.
250+ employees - $2,900 base fee + $2* per employee after the 250th one.

*Fee prorated to half beginning July 1st each year.