Code Compliance

The Code Compliance Department is responsible for enforcing many City ordinances including, but not limited to, the Zoning Ordinance; landscaping and Tree Ordinance; Property Maintenance Ordinance; Soil and Sediment Control Ordinance, Illicit Discharge Ordinance; Development Regulations; Littering, and condemnation of unsafe structures.

Compliance of all City Codes and Ordinances usually begins with a written Notice of Violation provided to the owner and/or occupant. The notivce is sent certfied mail to teh owner of the property. The notice shall contain a deadline of no more than thirty (30) days for compliance. If the violation continues past the deadline, the Compliance Officer will issue a citation for appearance in St Marys Municipal Court. If you have a complaint please emails James Sampson @ All ordnances can be found at
If you woudl ike to see when your area is beign patrolled.  The Code Compliance patrol map is brokken up by the days  of the week and is llocated here  Simple click the layer that is called Code Enforcment Patrol Areas. 
Some of the most common reported violations include:
Abandoned/junk vehicles
Accumulation of trash and debris
llegal dumping and littering
llegal signs
Illegal cutting of trees
Illegal home occupation
Overgrown grass/weeds
Zoning and permit violations
Fences or walls in disrepair
Open and outdoor storage
Building or demolition without a permit
Erosion control
Land disturbance

Dilapidated structures
Parking of boats, RV's and oversized commerical trucks