Complaint Process

  • Receive Complaint (Public or Staff Generated)

  • Verification of Complaint

  • If violation exists, create case package and begin investigation.

  • Identify/notify the responsible party and establish time line for resolution.

  • If resolved, case is closed.

  • If not resolved, issue citation or allot for more time to correct violation(s).
If you wish to submit a complaint, feel free to complete the complaint form lcoated in the Document Center on the left and submit it to James Samson, the Code Enforcement Officer.  You can email the form to or mail it to:

City of St. Marys 
Code Enforcement
418 Osborne Street
St. Marys, GA 31558

Another option to submit a complaint would be to fill out the form below.  Once complete, click on the "Submit" button.  

Location & Description of Possible Violation: