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St. Marys Sea Rise Report

Dr. Jason Evans and many of the authors and researchers that were part of the St. Marys Flood Resiliency Project were in town to present their findings from a three year study on the rising risks of flooding associated with sea rise, before the St. Marys City Council. The project has been a collaboration of the City, with Georgia Sea Grant, Stetson University and North Carolina Sea Grant, and began with a series of stakeholder interviews, town hall public meetings and facilitated discussion sessions to form the heart of an innovative Vulnerability, Consequences and Adaptation Planning Scenarios(VCAPS) structural modeling approach. Results from the VCAPS process were then used to inform a series of custom geo-spatial vulnerability assessments that analyzed current and future flood risks to property and infrastructure under different sea-level rise scenarios.  The Final Report, detailing the finding and recommendations, from the technical sea-rise projections to the Community Rating System work, can be found below.

St. Marys Sea Rise Final Report