Building & Planning Services

The St. Marys Building Department is responsible for the review of plans and issuance of building permits for all residential and commercial construction and remodeling projects with the City.  The department conducts inspections of construction projects to insure compliance with International Code Council codes and local codes and ordinances.

Planning is the profession that concerns itself with the health and quality of life of urban places—cities and their suburbs, small towns and rural villages. Keeping cities healthy and vibrant requires urban planners to work with the transportation system, the economy, the environment, urban design and physical facilities, and the culture and politics of a city to maintain (or restore) the quality of life. Planning is future-oriented, a profession that creates both short and long term visions balanced with market and cultural influences. Planners look five, twenty, and even fifty years into the future to anticipate the future consequences of current trends and activities, and to ensure present actions enhance the quality of life in the city.