2018 Proposed Zoning Ordinance (obsolete)

Proposed Zoning

A revised draft of the zoning ordinance is currently under development. Additionally a fact sheet has been made available to discuss to help clear up some confusion.  A map is displayed at the bottom and a larger version is available on the sidebar to the left.

Proposed Zoning Ordinance Drafts & Comment

Please note:  Older versions are left for public review and comparison

Proposed Zoning Ordinance Draft (Sept. 26, 2018 version)
Proposed Zoning Ordinance Fact Sheet
Proposed Zoning Ordinance Draft (Approved by Planning Commission July 19, 2018 and sent to City Council)

Proposed Zoning Ordinance Draft (July 19, 2018 Version) 
Proposed Zoning Ordinance (June 15, 2018 Version; Post Meeting) 
Older copy left available for review purposes.
Proposed Zoning Ordinance Draft (June 14, 2018 Version) Older copy left available for review purposes.
Proposed Zoning Ordinance Draft (May 24, 2018 Version)  Older copy left available for review purposes.
Proposed Zoning Ordinance Draft (May 10, 2018 Version)  Older copy left available for review purposes.

Public Comment June 8 - 2018

Planning Commission Draft Approved for City Council
Posted July 20, 2018
The St. Marys Planning commission voted unanimously to recommend the draft Zoning Ordinance to the City Council.  A copy of the document approved for submission to the City Council can be found at this link.

Special Called Meeting of the Planning Commission
Posted July 16, 2018 (Edited July 20, 2018 to note link outdated)
On Thursday July 19, 2018, the St. Marys Planning Commission will hold a Special Called Meeting at 5:30PM in the Council Chambers, City Hall, 418 Osborne Street, to discuss and consider whether to recommend adoption of the proposed new Zoning Code and proposed new Zoning Map to the City Council including any proposed changes thereto.  Due to the format of the meeting, the Planning Commission will not be accepting public comment at the July 19, 2018 meeting.  Should the Planning Commission and/or City Council decide to re-open public comment, the period for public comment will be appropriately advertised in advance. A copy of the most recent draft of the proposed zoning ordinance can be found here:  Link to July 19th revised copy of ordinance. (This is an older copy)

Public Comment June 8 - 2018

Some changes that have been offered in the proposed ordinance include but are not limited to:

  • Updates as of the June 15, Version
    • Changed Table 4 to stipulate per unit
    • Changed to 900 SF as Minimum Square Footage for Primary Residential Structure in most districts
    • Tabled Oversized Vehicle Parking & Overnight Parking
    • Tabled Outdoor Display & Storage
    • Changed most Interior Side Setbacks to 7.5 feet
    • Changed Table 1 to incorporate Current Districts
    • Clarified language in 7.01 Zoning, Building, Occupancy, Flood Prevention and Historic Preservation Compliance
    • Technical revisions of 8.01 Zoning Decisions, Defined and 8.03 Application Submission Requirements, Zoning Decisions
    • Added clarification to Minimum Required Parking Spaces in Table 6 of Section 6 Parking Standards
    • Added clarification to 1.07 Public Utilities by Right in Districts, for restrictions on placement of structures and vegetation in utility easements
    • Clarified language in Section 6 Parking Standards to address Handicapped Accessible Parking
    • Clarified definitions for Carports, Easements, Freshwater Marshes, Garages, both Commercial and Residential, Lighting
    • Terms, Nonconforming External Uses, Right-of Way (ROW), and Setback Terms, while striking the Saturated Color definition.
  • Updates Prior to June 14, 2018
    • Changing some of the Permitted residential uses in the Downtown Form-Based District to Special Use.
    • Altering most of the Dimensional Standards in the Downtown Form-Based District, including raising building heights by five feet to allow for change in measurement from ground, not BFE.
    • Changing the exception for Civic buildings to a Special Use Permit.
    • Striking all mentions of color standards.
    • Allowing Tiny Houses to be a Principle Structure in R-1, R-2, &R-3.
    • Permitting front-loaded garages to extend beyond front façade.
      Adding a clarification of Oversized Commercial Vehicle, to three axels or more.
    • Banning RVs from overnight stays, except for emergency temporary housing, and only allowing one unscrewed per residence.
    • -Striking language requiring Child Care Day Homes to screen playground equipment.
    • Allowing limited storage of noon-toxic, non-volatile materials as part of Home Occupation.
    • Altered language on Land Disturbance Permitting, to clarify what’s being disturbed.
    • Extended legal non-conforming rights.
Written Public Comment will remain open until 5:00 PM Friday June 8, 2018. Please submit written comments to Morgan Granger at mgranger@stmarysga.gov

Public Comment June 8 2018

To assist the public, below is a map displaying the proposed zoning ordinance.  A map allowing you to compare between the two easily using a slider is available on the side bar.