City Manager


Hello St. Marys, and welcome visitors! My name is Robert (Robby) Horton, your City Manager. I began my career with the City of St. Marys as Fire Chief in 2000, and in May of 2020 I was appointed as City manager.

Our City has a unique history, being identified as the second oldest City in the United States. We began as a small maritime community, with focuses in fishing, shipping, and trade. In the 1950’s we evolved into a mill town with the primary economic driver being Gilman Paper Mill. Even today it is common to find a family that was impacted by the creation, and shutdown of the paper mill. In the 1980’s, we began the evolution of becoming a military town with the opening of the Kings Bay Naval Base, which still employs roughly 10,000 people. Today we have a population of about 18,000, and with many exciting projects on our horizon, who knows where the community will be in the next ten years.

Our goal here is to pay respect and acknowledge our history and small-town charm, while bringing in planned and controlled growth to better the community.

One question I am always asked is “What is it that brings people to St. Marys?” I think my response may shock you, but my answer to that is simple, salt. I know, you may be wondering, what in the world does salt have to do with drawing people to your city? Allow me to explain. The human body is made up of 60% water, water is naturally drawn to salt. Being on the banks of the St. Marys river, and a stone’s throw away from the Atlantic Ocean, you can feel the salty air gently blowing through the streets. This combined with the beauty of our majestic oaks, historic homes, quaint shops and restaurants, keeps drawing people in. Once the salty air of St. Marys gets in your system, you won’t want to leave!

Our team is committed to providing safety, security, and support to all that are within the City boundaries. We are “One St. Marys”.

I hope you enjoy our website, and are able to find what you need! If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

I will leave you all with this; when you come to visit, be ready to stay and plant roots! We look forward to seeing you soon.