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The City Clerk's Office strives to assist the public in the most convenient, economical and efficient way possible, striving to give you service when and how you need it.  The TeleCity Clerk page will assist you by offering easy access to the City Clerk's Office in the comfort of your home with convenient solutions.  Using your Home phone, Cellphone, Tablet, Laptop or Computer you can select contact via email, office, text or videochat to receive information when necessary.  Even though inperson customer service plays an important role in government, we know during this day and time it presents a variety of drawbacks from time, transportation and health concerns.  Our goal is to give you complete control over how you access your government.  Please select how you would like to contact the City Clerk's Office: 

1. Email:
2. Office:  (912) 510-4039
3. Text (912) 464-7860
4. VideoChat: Submit the Form Below




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